Lenovo finds backdoor in RackSwitch and BladeCenter switches.
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Released firmware updates

Lenovo engineers have discovered a backdoor in the firmware of RackSwitch and BladeCenter networking switches.

OnePlus investigates credit card fraud
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Customers turned over

OnePlus says it's investigating claims of credit card numbers being stolen from customers who have purchased a phone from OnePlus' site.

People prefer buying cryptocurrency over an iPhone
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Proving that people will always invest in something expensive, ephemeral  and stupid

Pundi X,  NEM.io Foundation and Stellar.org, have released a State of Cryptocurrency report, which claims that people would rather waste their cash on cryptocurrency than an iPhone X.

Surprise memory price drop
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Chip boom might not last

After an 18 month boom, there has been a sudden drop in some memory prices, which is causing jitters among investors who had thought the chip boom would last at least another year.

Intel has more firmware problems
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This time with Active Management Technology

Chipzilla is having a rough time of it, Meltdown and Spectre is causing a PR nightmare, it can’t get trouble-free patches to install and now a new long term bug has been found.

Apple gives US data to the Chinese
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All part of the service for our Chinese overlords

Fruity cargo cult Apple has handed over US user data to its Chinese government run business partners.

Intel shows off 49 Qbit computer
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Development increasing but still a long way from quantum counterstrike

Boffins at D-Wave, IBM, and Intel have all been releasing quantum computers, and all of them are showing a rapid development.

Open sourcer admits movement failed to live up to billing
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20 years later and it is still not the year of desktop Linux

Top open sourcer Matt Asay admits that while Open Source software has been around for nearly 20 years, it has failed to be the game changer that many thought.

Barcelona becomes the poster child for Linux
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Taking Munich’s crown

The City of Barcelona is migrating its computer systems away from Windows making it the poster child for Open Source rather than Munich which is frantically trying to migrate back.

Apple sees global backlash against phone throttling
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This is going to get expensive

Apple’s undisclosed throttling of old iPhones for the “users own good” is unleashing a stream of hurt to the fruity cargo cult.