EA squeezes more cash from Star Wars Battlefront 2 gamers
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I find your lack of cash disturbing 

EA games is starting to hack gamers off by making them pay a premium rate for a game and then hit them with demands for microtransactions.

Humans can still beat AI in StarCraft
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Even if AI is better at Chess

While AI might have mastered Chess, it still can’t beat a human at StarCraft.

British women are hardcore gamers
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Guinness says UK women dedicate a big chunk of their lives to gaming

British women in 2017 are spending a month of every year playing video games, according to new research.

Denuvo anti-tamper tech is pants
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Games are being cracked a day after their launch

The hope that games publishers have placed in Denuvo anti-tamper technology and digital rights management scheme is turning out misplaced with most games being hacked within a day of their release.

EA shutters Visceral games
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Nothing but dead space now

Visceral Games, the studio behind games like Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space, is being shut down by EA.