Amazon delivers a waterproof Kindle
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You can drop it in the bath, we guess

Amazon has announced a new version of its popular e-reader which now has an IPX8 waterproof rating.

Google unveils its newest Pixelbook notebook
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Chromebook on steroids with Pixelbook Pen

In addition to other devices, Google also announced its newest Chromebook on steroids, the Google Pixelbook.

Exploding tablet stops a speeding bullet
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Battery problems

A Japanese bullet train had to make an emergency stop after a tablet computer apparently owned by a passenger caught fire while the train was en route to Tokyo Station, police and railway officials said.

Lenovo celebrates Thinkpad by going back in time
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Retro Thinkpad with a T470 guts

It looks like Lenovo is preparing for the Thinkpad’s 25th anniversary by releasing a retro version with a contemporary T470’s insides.

Former Apple worker admits the touch-bar was pointless
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Jobs’ Mob suckered users with pointless technology 

Chuq Von Rospach, a former Apple employee and commentator, has slammed the MacBook maker for forcing consumers to pay extra for the Touch which gave them practically nothing.