Its official, Apple’s Vision Pro is a turkey
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Could not even sell 100,000

It arrived over-hyped and obscenely overpriced, yet the fruity cargo cult Apple was convinced its users were stupid enough to buy it. However, it turns out that not even Apple fanboys were that dumb to splash out on the Vision Pro.  

TSMC becomes a trillion-dollar company
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Thanks to AI

TSMC has become a trillion-dollar company after posting solid revenue for the second quarter and achieving a record-high stock price.

Apple allows rivals to use tap to pay
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Avoids European fines

The European Commission has approved the Fruity Cargo Cult Apple’s promises to open its "tap to pay" iPhone payment system to rivals, avoiding a potentially hefty fine. 

Microsoft enters Gaza minefield
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Shutting down Palestinian accounts

Software King of the World Microsoft seems to have decided to take a stance on the complex and fraught Israeli and Hamas situation by closing Palestinian accounts.

Arm brings ASR upscaler to mobile
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Better visuals

Arm has released some new tech which it claims can bring advanced upscaling capabilities to mobile gaming, promising better visuals and improved efficiency.

Staff claim that Amazon is not quite telling the truth about green targets
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Not seven years ahead of schedule

Amazon claims that it has reached its all-renewable energy goal seven years ahead of schedule, but its staff claim it is nowhere near that.

Musk’s Neuralink device needs skulls to be reshaped
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Musk-friendly press reports glass half full

Elon Musk's brain-chip company, Neuralink, is having to take risk mitigation measures such as skull sculpting and reducing the carbon dioxide concentration in the blood to a normal level in patients.

It will take five years to remove Chinese gear from Germany
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It is just so efficient, cheap and precise 

The German government and mobile phone carriers have tentatively agreed to gradually remove components supplied by Chinese technology companies from the nation’s 5G wireless network over the next five years.

TSMC having a strong second quarter
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Thanks to AI

Taiwan's TSMC scaled a record high on Thursday after posting strong second-quarter revenue driven by booming demand for AI applications. This solidified its position as Asia's most valuable company.

Microsoft and Apple drop OpenAI board plans
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Lay low anti-trust regulators are sniffing about

Microsoft, the software king of the World, and Apple, the Fruity cargo cult, have resigned from their roles on the board at OpenAI.