Open sorcerers work to ARM Ubuntu
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2019 will be the year of the Linux laptop

A team of open sorcerers are  trying to get Linux on Qualcomm-powered laptops from HP, Asus, and Lenovo.

Applied Materials predicts woe
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Second quarter profit and revenue below analysts’ estimates

Chip gear maker Applied Materials forecast second quarter profit and revenue below analysts’ estimates.

Berkshire flogs off Apple and Oracle shares
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Buys a nice red hat instead

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has trimmed its stake in iPhone maker Apple in a sign that the shine has come off the fruity cargo cult.

Nvidia predicts flat sales
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About what everyone expected

The chipmaker named after a Roman vengeance daemon, Nvidia, expects revenues for its fiscal 2020 year to be “flat or down slightly” from the $11.7 billion it recorded in the just-ended fiscal year.

Telecoms companies want a standardised testing regime
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To stop company exclusions

The telecoms industry has called on European governments to join mobile operators in establishing a testing regime to protect network security without having to resort to the disruptive step of excluding vendors from the market.

Germany looks at Google tax
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Just for foreigners

Germany’s finance ministry is looking at a 15 percent special tax on online advertising revenue collected by foreign internet companies such as Google or Facebook.

Samsung expanding at Huawei’s expense
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Targeting telecom networking

Samsung Electronics is throwing money at its telecom network equipment business, to take advantage of Huawei’s security woes.

Foldable vivo smartphone spotted online
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Renderings of the vivo IQOO

Chinese vivo is also one of the smartphone makers to announce its separate subbrand and IQOO, as vivo decided to name it, will apparently debut with a foldable smartphone.

AMD adds Radeon Pro driver support to Radeon VII
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But without workstation optimizations, certifications and support

AMD has added Radeon Pro driver support for Radeon VII graphics card but, unlike earlier rumors, it only gets partial support, without workstation elements.

Nvidia DLSS now available in Battlefield V and Metro Exodus
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Works good but with limitations

Nvidia was quite keen to announce that both Battlefield V and Metro Exodus got DLSS support, boosting performance by up to 40 percent, but there is a slight catch.