Samsung develops Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module
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Says it will transform DRAM

Samsung Electronics has developed the industry’s first Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module (LPCAMM) form factor, which is expected to transform the DRAM market for PCs and laptops — and potentially data centres.

France surrendering to robots
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Installations growing eight per cent a year

France is adopting robots at a rate of eight per cent a year according to a report compiled by the  International Federation of Robotics.

Apple allows ethernet connections on iPhone 15
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Hush, its secret

Fruity cargo cult Apple has a feature on its iPhone 15 which for some reason, has not been mentioned in any marketing – a secret wired ethernet connection.

ChatGPT has learned to talk
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For millions of years it was just like the animals and then something happened....

ChatGPT has learned to talk. OpenAI, the San Francisco artificial intelligence start-up, released a version of its chatbot that can interact with people using spoken words.

Amazon gives a daily limit of self-published books
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"Authors" can "only" write three a day now

Amazon has created a new rule limiting the number of books that authors can self-publish on its site to three a day, after an influx of suspected AI-generated material was listed for sale in recent months. 

iPhone 15 has an overheating problem
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Tame Apple Press claims ALL phones do that

Early adopters of Apple's iPhone 15 have taken to social media to complain that the expensive new phone is overheating.

Nvidia’s DLSS could have a full neural rendering
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AI in the gaming business

A future version of  DLSS technology is likely to include full neural rendering, according to Bryan Catanzaro, a Nvidia VP of Applied Deep Learning Research.

Intel confirms Meteor Lake desktop CPUs for next year
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Kills those Meteor Lake-S cancellation rumors

While earlier rumors suggested that Intel might have canceled its Meteor Lake-S, it appears these CPUs will indeed launch, but sometime next year.

Scott Herkelman leaves AMD after seven years
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Industry veteran to leave at the end of this year

Scott Herkelman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD’s Graphics Business Unit, has announced his departure from AMD at the end of this year, marking the end of an era and leaving us wondering where he is going next. Scott has been at AMD for the last seven years and launched three generations of RDNA graphics architectures.

AMD releases a starter-kit for robots
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Now you can build a cheap robot before Elon Musk

AMD has increased its Kria portfolio of adaptive system-on-module (SOM) boards with the K24 and KD240 Drives Starter Kit, which are designed to control electric motors in robotics systems.