Google slams Microsoft’s anti-competitive cloud practices
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Tweedledee and Tweedledum in cloudy battle

Alphabet's Google Cloud has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive cloud computing practices and slammed imminent deals with several European cloud vendors.

Microsoft built a cloudy supercomputer as part of its OpenAI plans
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But it was unsure if it could build anything that big

Software King of the World Microsoft knew that it would have to build a cloud-based supercomputer if it had a chance of getting its OpenAI plans working – the problem was that it was unsure it could use its own Azure product to do it.

EU and US close to an agreement on data privacy
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Draft document being looked at 

The EU and US are closer to getting a workable data protection privacy framework which enables European companies to use US clouds without being spied on by US spooks.

US administration forgets fabless companies
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All the money goes to manufacturing

There has been much talk about the latest CHIPS and Science Act, through which the US is attempting to advance an industrial strategy to revitalize domestic manufacturing jobs and secure semiconductor supply chains. This legislation is spectacular and well-timed, given recent de-globalization events and China's constant threat to Taiwan. And just days ago, TSMC had an event including POTUS in Arizona fab. 

Pentagon surrenders and divides cloud project among four big tech outfits
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Saves on court cases later 

The Pentagon is divvying up $9 billion in cloud contracts between Google, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon, presumably to avoid one of the megatech companies getting offended and suing.