Microsoft making foldable devices
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In time for Apple to invent two years later 

The company, which brought the world the tablet and the touchscreen smartphone, is working on adapting Windows to work on foldable devices.

AMD has no plans to use chiplet design for next-gen APUs
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Will use a different design similar to mobile parts

According to post-CES details showing up online, it appears that AMD will not use the same chiplet design for its next-gen APUs, keeping the chiplet design for its 2nd generation EPYC and 3rd generation Ryzen desktop CPUs.

AMD can put two 8-core chiplets on 3rd gen Ryzen
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Possible 16-core SKUs

Although AMD only previewed an 8-core/16-thread engineering sample of 3rd generation Ryzen CPU at the CES 2019 keynote, the delidded CPU showcased at the keynote, as well as comments from Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO, suggest that we could see SKUs with two chiplets, so 16-core/32-thread SKUs are possible.

AMD says 2nd generation EPYC is on track
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Shipping mid-2019

A decent part of AMD's CES 2019 keynote hosted by AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, was about the upcoming second generation EPYC CPUs, confirming it is on track and will be shipping in the middle of the year.

AMD previews 3rd gen Ryzen at CES 2019
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Up and running with Radeon VII

In addition to details regarding 2nd generation EPYC CPUs, AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, also gave a preview of its third generation Ryzen CPU.