Supermicro denies Bloomberg hacking claim
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Claims Apple is impossible to hack

Supermicro Computer has told its customers that it will review its hardware for any proof of malicious chips as alleged in a recent Bloomberg report and that such a hack would be "practically impossible".

Intel denies that it's killing off its 10nm chip
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Will arrive in late 2019

Intel has denied rumours that it is killing off its 10nm chip manufacturing process after repeated delays. Chipzilla says that 10nm chips will arrive in late 2019.

TSMC expects 10 per cent of sales to be 7nm
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Thanks, Intel and Gloflo

TSMC expects 7nm chip sales to account for 10 percent of its  2018 revenues after its rivals decided to give the technology a miss or delayed development.

Micron to buy Intel's stake in IM Flash Technologies
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It will save everyone of us

Micron is planning to take full control of IM Flash Technologies joint venture with Chipzilla.

Samsung shows off Windows S
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Galaxy Book 2 is a Windows ultraportable powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850

Samsung has been showing off its  Galaxy Book 2, a Windows ultraportable powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 chip.