Samsung officially announces Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024
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Launching in the second half of the year

As expected, the big star of Samsung's Mobile World Congress 2024 show was the Galaxy Ring. Samsung also released a couple of details including the size and color options, battery life, and the launch date is now confirmed for the second half of the year.

Micron announces smallest UFS 4.0 package at MWC 2024
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9x13mm chip coming in up to 1TB capacity

At the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Micron has announced its latest UFS 4.0 package aimed at enabling next-generation of phone designs. Coming in up to 1TB of capacity and providing exceptional performance and power efficiency, the new UFS 4.0 package will not only allow smartphone makers to have more space due to the smaller package but also come up with faster and more responsive devices.

Qualcomm is all about future of AI and connectivity at MWC 2024
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Qualcomm AI Hub, new Snapdragon X80 5G Modem-RF System, and FastConnect 7900

As expected, Qualcomm took the Mobile World Congress 2024 by storm, and in addition to plenty of smartphones that were announced with Qualcomm's flagship chipset, the company itself talked about the future and advancements in AI, 5G, and Wi-Fi with its Qualcomm AI Hub, the new Snapdragon X80 5G Modem-RF System, and the new FastConnect 7900 mobile connectivity system with Wi-Fi 7.

Apple fiddles with its battery lifespan adverts to dodge EU rules
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Claims iPhones can last longer without any new updates.

Apple has fiddled with the iPhone 15's battery lifespan. The company said its latest iPhones can keep 80 per cent of their original charging capacity after 1,000 cycles — double the previous estimate — without any new hardware or software updates.

Dodgy health watches and rings could kill you, warns FDA
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Don't trust them to tell you blood sugar levels

The health agency says it has not given the green light to any gadget that claims to measure blood sugar levels without a blood sample.