Qualcomm modem will be in September 18 iPhone
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Intel gets the largest modem share

Intel has started manufacturing the XMM 7560 modem that will included in most iPhone’s in September 2018 but our sources confirm that Qualcomm is making the mix again.

Ericsson needs 5G take-up
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Something needs to turn around

Ericsson needs 5G network services to be taken up to turn it around and end its need to restructure and allow it to expand again.

Apple to close all ports
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Because getting rid of the headphone jack was so popular

Apple thinks that giving its users less for the same or more money is a winning strategy.  Getting rid of the headphone jack meant that users had to spend cash on expensive wireless earbuds and now it wants to kill off all ports.

Apple software geniuses strike again
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Latest update is borked

Apple's latest iOS update is so borked that the fruity cargo cult is not saying anything about it

Government pushes to ban smartphones in schools
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Phoney war breaks out

A senior minister in Theresa May's fragile UK government said schools should ban the use of mobile phones.