Latest leaks suggest price increase for Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip6
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$100 more in the US and €150 in Europe

It appears that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Flip6 will indeed get a price increase in both the US and Europe, at least judging from multiple earlier reports.

Apple confirms you need an upgrade for its “Apple Intelligence"
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If you are that intelligent you probably will not

The fruity cargo cult Apple has told its legions of fanboys that they will never get any AI features unless they fork out more dosh for the latest machines.

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE officially announced
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$199 price tag and June 24th release date

After an endless stream of leaks, Samsung has decided to officially announce the Galaxy Watch FE, giving it a $199 price tag and a June 24th release date.

Tame Apple Press is moist over a calculator app
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At last, Apple has invented something we can use

One of the sadder things we saw at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was the Tame Apple Press getting all excited about a calculator app.

Don’t download Apple’s new iOS yet
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Beta is a bit buggy

While the Tame Apple Press touted the launch of Jobs’ Mob’s latest iOS as if it were a cure for cancer Apple fanboys might be insane to download the beta right away.