Apple allows ethernet connections on iPhone 15
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Hush, its secret

Fruity cargo cult Apple has a feature on its iPhone 15 which for some reason, has not been mentioned in any marketing – a secret wired ethernet connection.

iPhone 15 has an overheating problem
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Tame Apple Press claims ALL phones do that

Early adopters of Apple's iPhone 15 have taken to social media to complain that the expensive new phone is overheating.

Google will allow repairs for Pixel Fold
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Screen fixes will be pricey

Google has said it will release iFixit-blessed official repair parts and guides for virtually all of the company's Pixel releases, including the Pixel fold. 

Huawei is developing chips
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If Apple can do it, anyone can

A look at the main chip inside Huawei’s new Mate 60 Pro smartphone has shown that the company has been developing chips which mock US sanctions.

More than 500 brands have exited the smartphone market
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No longer gold in them thar hills

A tracking firm has added up some numbers and found that more than 500 brands have exited the smartphone business in the last seven years.