ZTE says company's future is at risk
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A casualty of trade war

China’s ZTE said that a US ban on the sale of parts and software to the company was unfair and threatens its survival.

Microsoft runs out of Windows phones
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End of an error

Microsoft has finally run out of stock of its Windows phone finally ending something which should have been a good device.

Dr Peper claims smartphones more addictive than heroin
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Harder to inject

Smartphones are more addictive than heroin and  the world is falling to bits because kids are addicts, according to a new study.

Qualcomm to cut 1500 jobs
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Massive reconstruction

Qualcomm promised its shareholders it would cut its operating cost by a billion dollars and the only way to really do that is to let some people go. Projects that didn’t bring the company the expected results might vanish and unfortunately some people will get the dreaded pink slip.

Apple introduces the iDaisy
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Or Maybe byeDaisy

In a bid to show off its ability to recycle things - and ideas - Apple today unveiled the iDaisy.