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Possible candidate names for Intel's next CEO
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Exclusive: It is going to be the Game of Thrones

After we heard that Brian Krzanich is out, we started to ask people close to the matter who might be the next in line for the Iron Throne. We got a few internal names or names close to the company, as well as some ex-Intel executives who made the list.

Foxconn calls Trump's trade war a tech war
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It is our biggest challenge

Foxconn says the US and Chinese governments are engaged in a technology war, not a trade war, describing the spat as its most significant challenge.

Google makes a stand for revenge porn
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Lobbies law into oblivion

Search engine Google has used its considerable power to squash a law banning people from getting revenge on their ex by posting naked pictures or movies of them on the internet.

Intel fires CEO Brian Krzanich
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Relationship with an Intel employee

There is no better way to steer the week than an announcement that the  CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, was fired as both the leader of the company and a member of the board of directors. Intel officially says he resigned but it also said that he was in a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee, a big no-go and against the company‚Äôs policy.

iPhone users left out of Europe scheme
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Use Android, UK government says

A scheme to allow European Union citizens who want to stay in the UK after the country leaves next year will exclude people who use iPhones from registering.