Dell joins the AI PC craze
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Soon, everyone will have an AI PC

Dell Technologies has jumped on the AI hype train as it prepares to launch new devices.

TD SYNNEX partners to get first dibs on new AI chips
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At least in the UK

TD SYNNEX partners will be the first in the trade to get their hands on devices powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chips with built-in AI expected to be launched by top PC makers in mid-2024.

Nvidia still worried about Huawei
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Fighting over new ground

Buried in yesterday’s filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission was an indication that Nvidia still saw Huawei as a significant threat.

ChatGPT is better at lying than humans
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When it comes to writing medical research AI is mendacem facimus ignis anhelat

A top bone doctor has been testing ChatGPT's ability to research and publish medical papers and found that it was a two-bit cheating liar.

Microsoft foils cyber plot by rogue states
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AI being used as a weapon of choice

Software King of the World Microsoft said it had spotted and stopped attempts by U.S. enemies -- mainly Iran and North Korea and also Russia and China -- to use or abuse clever AI made by the firm and its mate to launch or plan nasty cyber attacks.