Huawei's artificial intelligence is universal
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The firm makes a lot more than just mobile phones

At yesterday's Mate20 jamboree, Fudzilla had a chance to interview a senior executive about the artificial intelligence built into its mobile devices and it transpired there's a lot more to its AI than meets the eye.

Most Americans can’t tell a bot from a human
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I can’t believe it is not mutter

A new study from Pew Research Centre found that most Americans can't tell social media bots from real humans.

UK Parliament calls first non-human witness
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Asking a robot about AI

The UK Parliament has announced that it will ask a robot about AI issues.

Micron to invest $100 million in AI companies
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Going towards start-ups

Micron Technology has announced it will invest up to $100 million in startups working on artificial intelligence technologies for use in self-driving vehicles, factory automation and other growing fields.

Amazon fires misogynistic AI
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Refused to recruit women due to problems with its motherboard machine-learning specialists have discovered that the flash new AI engine which was supposed to be looking after their recruiting didn't like women.