DARPA puts sinister green eyes on its robot tank
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Messing with your mind

DARPA's latest step into the world of autonomous vehicles a real eye-opener—literally.

Volkswagen's self-driving car revolution
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Teaming up with tech titans for a driverless dream

Volkswagen has partnered with Mobileye to turbocharge its motors with nifty automated driving tech.

Car touchscreens need to be scrapped
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EU watchdog barks

Euro NCAP, the car safety watchdog for Europe, is bringing in new rules for 2026 which mean that five vital tasks in every car will have to be done by real buttons instead of by a screen.

Biden blocks bargain Chinese cars
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They are cheaper and better, and we can't compete so they are "insecure"

The US President, Joe Biden, is trying to stop cheap and cheerful Chinese smart cars from coming to America. The US government says it is looking into the "security implications" of letting China sell its intelligent cars, claiming that it can collect data about the drivers.

Apple's car project goes up in smoke
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Wasted ten years and millions of quid

Apple has finally given up on its electric car project after ten years of faffing about, changing direction and leadership, and ultimately creating only stories in the Tame Apple Press.