Tesla calls up German mechanics
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Gathering allies for the coming battery wars 

US electric carmaker Tesla favours Germany as the location for its first European Gigafactory, according to its chief executive Elon Musk.

Porsche gets 10 percent of Rimac
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High voltage battery and power trains

Porsche AG officially announced that it acquired 10 percent of Rimac automobile for an undisclosed sum.

Safety is why Intel acquired MobileEye
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27 million car market share helped too

A year ago, Intel acquired Mobile Eye for $15.3 billion and Intel's CEO has expained why it happened. Safety is in the company’s mind, but Brian Krzanich was honest enough to recognize that Mobile Eye solves a large gap that Intel had before the acquisition.

British forces army must get more high-tech
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Army top brass split between tradition and high-tech

The British army’s new chief of the general staff, Gen Mark Carleton-Smith, British forces must shift their focus to include confronting adversaries in the virtual world as well as on the battlefield.

Uber neglected simulation testing on self driving car
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Lack of simulation software investment 

Uber allegedly "neglected" simulation testing for its autonomous vehicles according to Insiders who were chatting to The Information.