Qualcomm new Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform brings Wi-Fi 7 to vehicles
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In addition to 5G, the latest Bluetooth, C-V2X, and positioning

Qualcomm has announced the newest addition to its Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform, the Qualcomm QCA6797AQ, which is the industry’s first Automotive Grade Wi-Fi 7 Access Point solution.

Loutish luddites torch driverless taxi
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Chinatown rampage

A mob of yobs attacked a Waymo driverless taxi and set it ablaze in San Francisco's Chinatown last night, causing chaos and cheers.

Musk removes diversity claims from Tesla announcements
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Drags company kicking and screaming into the 19th century

Carmaker Tesla has dropped a line about encouraging a diverse workforce from its annual filing.

Job's Mob downgrades car expectations
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Apple's doomed attempt to make a vehicle is still vapourware

Apple, the company that brought you the iPhone, the iPad and the iMac, has been trying to make a car for over a decade. But it seems that the tech giant has bitten off more than it can chew, as its car project is facing yet another setback.

Alaska Air finds more Boeings have missing bolts
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Boeing gets the masking tape out

Alaska Air Group has discovered loose nuts on "many" of its Boeing 737 Max 9 planes after a panel flew off one of its jets earlier this month, the carrier's top dog said in a chat with NBC.