Japanese moon spaceship software confused by crater
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Apparently it did not expect them on the moon

A post-mortem into the crash of the first private spaceship to land on the moon has found that the software was to blame.

Porsche signs up for Intel’s Mobileeye sensors
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SuperVision enables a range of advanced driver-assistance systems

Intel spin-off Mobile appears to be doing well – Posche has signed up for its advanced sensor suite.

Qualcomm snaps up Autotalks
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Car wars mean Qualcomm needs a bigger boat

Qualcomm is acquiring Autotalks, a fabless chipmaker out of Israel that builds semiconductor and system-on-a-chip technology to aid in automotive safety.

Musk’s Starship rocket blows up
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Rapid unscheduled disassembly is still “a success”

Starlink’s Starship rocket blew up during a launch, but the company, which is run by supreme Twit Elon [look at me] Musk, claimed the whole shebang was a success.

General Motors dumps Apple Carplay
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Tame Apple press goes into meltdown

The Tame Apple Press has been calling on its readers to boycott General Motors cars after the outfit dumped Apple Play or Android Auto as its in-car entertainment system.