Apple fanboy used AirTag to hunt and kill a person he believed was car thief
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In Texas of course

An Apple fanboy who tagged his “truck” with an AirTag used the device to track down a car thief and execute him.

Gigabyte admits Ryzen CPU press release was a mistake
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Not sure how you do that

Gigabyte has admitted that a statement found in a recent press release announcing the launch of a next generation of Ryzen CPU in 2023 was a mistake.

Google slams Microsoft’s anti-competitive cloud practices
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Tweedledee and Tweedledum in cloudy battle

Alphabet's Google Cloud has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive cloud computing practices and slammed imminent deals with several European cloud vendors.

South Korea gives tax breaks to chipmakers
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Getting concerned about US protectionism

 South Korea has passed legislation giving tax breaks to its semiconductor companies in a bill being labelled as the "Korean Chips Act."

Roku lays off six per cent of workforce
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Friday, 31 March 2023 12:38

Roku lays off six per cent of workforce

200 more workers gone

Roku will lay off six per cent of its workforce, or 200 employees, in its second round of job cuts, the US streaming device maker said.

Meta allows Europeans to opt out of data sharing
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No more personalised adverts for a lucky few

Meta announced that starting next Wednesday, some Facebook and Instagram users in the European Union can opt out of sharing first-party data used to serve highly personalised ads.

Lost, internet down, blame the Sun
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Friday, 31 March 2023 12:26

Lost, internet down, blame the Sun

Holy sun Batman

If your Internet and phone service is pants today it might have something to do with a triangular-shaped dark gap in the sun's surface that's 20 times larger than Earth.

Foldable phone sales will grow by 50 per cent
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IDC says the market is growing fast

Beancounters at the analyst outfit IDC have been shuffling their tarot cards and concluded that foldable smartphones would see 21.4 million units shipped this year.

Rural Dutch hate Microsoft’s data centre plans
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Why eliminate farm land when there are starving Brits across the channel?

Software King of the World Microsoft is squaring off against Holland’s farmers as it wants to take land to build data centres.

Google nicked ChatGPT’s data
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Thursday, 30 March 2023 11:21

Google nicked ChatGPT’s data

Stolen models

Search engine outfit Google has been accused of nicking data from ChatGPT AI, which is itself often alleged to have borrowed data from websites and artists to build its AI models.