Enigma allowed to sue rival Malwarebytes
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You can’t say our programme is potentially unwanted

The Ninth Circuit Appeal Court has allowed Enigma software to proceed with its lawsuit against Malwarebytes for flagging its anti-spyware software as a 'potentially unwanted program.'

Apple and Epic back in court
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Friday, 09 June 2023 12:50

Apple and Epic back in court

Appealing rulings

Fruity cargo-cult Apple and "Fortnite" maker Epic Games have asked a US appeals court to reconsider its April ruling in an antitrust case that could force Apple to change payment practices in its App Store.

Realtek accuses MediaTek of being a robber baron
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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Realtek has filed a lawsuit against an alleged patent troll Future Link whom it claims worked in a conspiracy with MediaTek.

Louisiana lawmakers ban children from social media
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Kids will need a parent’s permission to create accounts

Out-of-touch Louisiana lawmakers have passed a bill prohibiting minors from creating social media accounts without parental consent.

Zuckerberg says “meh” to Apple’s Vision Pro
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Out-of-date, over-priced and nothing we have not already explored

Desperate to find a way to advertise Apple’s pointless VR specs, the Tame Apple Press has asked Mark Zuckerberg what he thinks of the technology and if he is ready to surrender his metaverse dreams to his superior Jobs’ Mob overlords.

OpenAI sued for defamation
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Friday, 09 June 2023 11:52

OpenAI sued for defamation

It was only a matter of time

OpenAI is facing a defamation lawsuit filed by Mark Walters, who claims that the AI platform falsely accused him of embezzling money from a gun rights group in statements delivered to a journalist.

Barracuda Networks calls for junking some of its hardware
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Software patch will not fix zero day

Barracuda Networks suggests that its users remove and decommission a line of affected hardware as the only way to fix a zero-day bug.

Instagram accidentally promotes paedophiles
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Algorithms recommend kiddie fiddlers

The Wall Street Journal and boffins at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Instagram's algorithms actively promote networks of paedophiles who commission and sell child sexual abuse content on the app.

United Airlines installing Astrove in-flight entertainment system
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Larger Panasonic 4K OLED TVs,

United Airlines is set to introduce the next-generation Astrove in-flight entertainment system, featuring Panasonic's 4K OLED TVs, with larger screens and thinner bezels.

Clop ransomware gang carrying out mass hacks
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Targeting MOVEit Transfer

Security researchers have linked a new wave of mass hacks targeting a popular file transfer tool to the Clop ransomware gang.