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AMD Radeon Pro hits tops 90FPS on 8k raw

by on26 July 2016

It's a miracle!

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group made the world’s first public demonstration of its upcoming Radeon Pro SSG solution. 

The new card was able to handle an 8K raw video timeline scrubbing, accelerating from 17 frames per second to a stunning 92 frames per second average.

The  GPU technology that debuted in the Radeon Pro SSG allows for a one terabyte extended frame buffer -that has future potential to become larger - is dedicated to support the GPU. This enables much larger datasets to have a higher performance over dedicated PCIe bus.  When the GPU requests content, it looks first in the local frame buffer and only needs to involve the CPU if the data is not already in the extended frame buffer.

This performance boost will give content creators the ability to rapidly adopt 8K resolution to future-proof their content and will improve the efficiency in the editing process.

AMD is now accepting applications for developer kits which are currently available for $9,999.  The general release for the Radeon Pro SSG is planned for availability in 2017.

Last modified on 27 July 2016
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