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Nvidia's new driver causes flickering issues

by on31 May 2023

I see a red door and Nvidia paints it black

Nvidia released its latest Windows WHQL driver version 535.98 is causing a few flickering screen issues for users. 

The driver was supposed to be optimised for the Diablo IV, System Shock PC remake and fix a longstanding Freestyle bug that was leading to games crashing.

However, the official GeForce 535.98 driver feedback thread on Nvidia's forum is filled with user complaints, mostly that it causes flickering or the screen to go black. This shows that the bug is quite widespread and it is happening across a wide range of hardware.

One user said that his G-Sync on + 4070 Ti still experiences random screen blackouts in regular Windows usage.

"I never had this behavior with my old 3080. Dell S2721DGF / various DP cables / tested multiple 4070 Ti implementations. And no, it's not a monitor or a driver thing, it's a sh!t driver thing. It's flabbergasting in this price range," he said,

Another said that he updated a few minutes ago to driver 535.98 using Nvidia GeForce Experience. Since then, his screen has been flickering like hell every time his cursor is moved.


Last modified on 31 May 2023
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