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OpenAI and Microsoft sued for stealing news stories

by on29 February 2024

Vole in the dock

OpenAI and Microsoft's legal woes increased after three more news outlets sued them for nicking their articles and using them to train their chatbot, ChatGPT.

The publications said ChatGPT sometimes copies their stories word for word without giving them any credit or telling users where they came from. According to the plaintiffs, if ChatGPT had any decency, it would have learned to mention the source and the author when it spits out its responses.

Raw Story and AlterNet's lawsuit goes even further, saying OpenAI and Vole knew that ChatGPT would be a flop and lose money if users discovered it was ripping off other people's work.

Microsoft and OpenAI offer legal protection to their customers in case they get sued for using Copilot or ChatGPT Enterprise. The lawsuits claim that OpenAI and Microsoft fully know their dodgy practices. As proof, the publications point to how OpenAI lets website owners block their content from its web snoops.

The New York Times sued OpenAI in December, claiming ChatGPT copies its stories. OpenAI says the publication used a hatcher who took advantage of a glitch on the chatbot to make it vomit its articles.

Last modified on 29 February 2024
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