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Qualcomm joins Canonical's elite circle

by on15 April 2024

Tech Titans Team Up

Qualcomm is set to join Canonical's "silicon partners," a coveted club that boasts big names like Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and Arm.

This isn't just any old partnership; we're talking about a match made in Silicon Heaven. Qualcomm's getting the golden key to "optimised versions of Ubuntu for its processors." That's right, companies hitching their wagon to Ubuntu on Qualcomm chips are looking at a decade of support and security updates. Talk about a long-term relationship!

The tech streets are whispering that this collaboration will be a game-changer for AI, edge computing, and IoT applications.

Qualcomm's VP of Business Development, Dev Singh, said: "The combination of Qualcomm Technologies' processors with the popularity of Ubuntu among AI and IoT developers is a game-changer for the industry."

Optimised Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core images will be tailor-made for Qualcomm SoCs. This means enterprises can meet regulatory, compliance, and security demands for AI at the edge and the broader IoT market. We're talking about a secure operating system with a 10-year support guarantee.

Qualcomm's not just dipping its toes; it's diving headfirst into the Ubuntu pool to create an optimised Ubuntu for its IoT chipsets. This is big news for developers who want to craft safe, compliant, security-focused, high-performance applications for industrial, robotics, and edge automation industries.

The Ubuntu Certified Hardware programme is expanding faster than a viral tweet, with a growing list of certified ODM boards and devices based on Qualcomm SoCs. These certified devices are primed to deliver an optimised Ubuntu experience straight out of the box, letting developers zero in on what they do best—innovating and bringing products to market.


Last modified on 15 April 2024
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