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Sol Reader goes on pre-order

by on14 June 2023

A headset to read books

Sol Reader has put its headset designed reading books onto pre-order.

The $350 device slips over your eyes like a pair of glasses and blocks distractions while reading.  It also has a remote which makes it easier to flip the pages and to set the focus so you don't need to wear your specs.

A full battery gets you around 25 hours of reading which should be enough for most people. Even an avid book reader getting into a good book like this one is going to read it for 24 hours straight.

The displays are 1.3-inch, e-ink displays with 256x256 per-eye resolution. The glasses have 64MB of storage, which should hold plenty of ebooks.  They look a bit like sun-glasses so if you are on holiday by a pool you don't have to worry about people from Florida asking you "what you are reading for?"


Last modified on 14 June 2023
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