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iPhone 15 has an overheating problem

by on26 September 2023

Tame Apple Press claims ALL phones do that

Early adopters of Apple's iPhone 15 have taken to social media to complain that the expensive new phone is overheating.

Some have taken to the Apple discussion groups to express their dismay, while others have left messages on Reddit and elsewhere.

Korean YouTuber BullsLab captured high temperatures on the iPhone using a thermal camera.

Android Authority's Aamir Siddiqui admitted that his iPhone 15 Pro Max running very hot, even after the initial 24 hours of setup and settling in. Quite why Siddiqui was drinking the Apple cool-aid while working for a magazine that sold a rival product is anyone’s guess, but he has little reason to be lying about the overheating issue.

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to downplay the news. One article claimed that new smartphones often heat up more than usual during setup and in the first 24 hours of use and that is not unique to Apple. This is rubbish of course and has not been reported in earlier models of iPhone. Although now the Tame Apple Press is trying to gaslight Apple users by saying that has always been the case.

Some of the workarounds would be laughable had they not come from technology magazines. One suggests shutting off all the “extras” like Bluetooth, apps that use location services like Safari and navigation apps could also help reduce overheating, as could turning off Wi-Fi and AirDrop. While this might stop your phone from getting hotter, it might also lead you to question why you didn’t just buy a cheaper phone where you could run those applications without the fear of fire.


Last modified on 26 September 2023
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