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MSI announces 3-year burn-in OLED warranty

by on06 February 2024

Asus still sticks with two

MSI has introduced its three-year OLED burn-in warranty, which will include several of its OLED monitors in the MAG, MPG, and MEG series. On the other hand, Asus is still sticking with a two-year warranty.

MSI has also introduced the MSI OLED CARE 2.0, a technology designed to safeguard OLED panels, providing enhanced protection and contributing to an extended lifespan, according to the company. With this and the 3-year warranty, MSI hopes to pull a bit more customers compared to its competition.

As noted by, Asus is still sticking to a 2-year warranty for its OLED monitors, but this could change soon.

Here is the full list of MSI OLED monitors covered by the 3-year warranty.

3-Year Warranty for OLED Model List



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