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Confusion over Lunar Lake delays

by on24 June 2024

Is it? Isn’t it?

There is some confusion over whether Intel’s Lunar Lake chips are going to be delayed.

A report from DigiTimes, a publication specialising in semiconductor news, indicates that chip deliveries are now expected in September, deviating from an initial June schedule.  Intel, however, officially contests this claim and claims they would always arrive in September.

When Lunar Lake was announced, it was projected to arrive within this year's July to September window, pinpointing their availability before the festive shopping period. Had June been the original timeline, more comprehensive details about the processors would likely be available by now. It seems September has been the intended goal from the outset.

In correspondence with Intel, the company confirmed, "Lunar Lake will be available starting in Q3 ‘24 as noted at Computex — in time for the holiday shopping season."

Despite no official delay for Lunar Lake, these processors are set to enter the market after receiving offerings from Qualcomm and AMD.

Lunar Lake represents Intel's venture into the new Copilot+ PCs domain, yet they are slated to be the final entrants. Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chip is already integrated into laptops, and AMD has announced that its Ryzen AI 300 CPUs will hit the shelves in July. While Intel has not publicly committed to a September release for Lunar Lake, this remains the prevailing conjecture.

Considering the processors are due in Q3 — between July and September — it appears premature for their launch next month. Although Intel has elaborated on Lunar Lake's "radical low-power architecture," details such as chip specifications or model numbers remain undisclosed.

Intel has offered some broad performance benchmarks compared to the Snapdragon X Elite and AMD's previous-generation CPUs. Nonetheless, as the launch date approaches, a more detailed understanding of these processors and their capabilities is expected.

Intel has yet to share vital information about power consumption, a key factor to consider when weighing the efficiency offered by the new Snapdragon X Elite.

While many particulars about Lunar Lake are still under wraps, we have witnessed a preview of devices incorporating this latest chip generation. For instance, MSI is set to introduce a new iteration of its Claw handheld device powered by a Lunar Lake CPU.


Last modified on 24 June 2024
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