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Chinese investigate the incredible popping iPhone 8

by on06 October 2017

You don’t even need to put it in the microwave

The Apple fruity cargo cult is having a little trouble in Big China as the state authorities are worried that its swelling battery is causing the phone to pop open.

The cases are being reported by state media which means that regulators are almost certain to be investigating. Apple needs the iPhone 8 to do well in China to make up for the fact that sales on its cash cow are dying.

Already the Chinese have indicated that they are not particularly interested in paying more money for a phone which is essentially the same as the old one, which they were not interested in either.

The incident comes as Apple investigates similar cases reported in Taiwan and Japan of batteries in its latest iPhone 8 Plus becoming bloated, causing the device’s casing to open.

China’s state-backed cited an iPhone buyer surnamed Liu as saying his newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on Oct. 5. There was no sign of scorching or an explosion.

Liu told ThePaper he bought the handset through the online marketplace of Inc. He said he did not charge the new device and returned it to the seller.

Pictures taken by Liu and displayed on ThePaper’s website showed an iPhone 8 plus split open along the side featuring the SIM card holding, with the phone’s internal parts visible.

The iPhone 8 has been getting indifferent reviews and share prices of in the company are falling.

Investors are worried that pre-orders for the device were well below previous launches. The Tame Apple Press is trying to reassure them that Apple fans are waiting for the premium iPhone X due out in early November.

It has also done its best to imply that the Chinese authorities are colluding with local makers, including Huawei and Oppo which sell phones with high-end features at lower prices. There is no evidence of any of this. Any consumer watchdog which did not investigate an expensive phone which pops open is not doing its job.

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