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Iphone not designed to be used

by on10 October 2017

Jonny Ive says it is just meant to be looked at

The iPhone is not designed to be used all the time, says the guy who designed it.

Sir Jonny Ive says that any one who uses his shiny phone all the time is “misusing it”.

During an interview on stage at the New Yorker TechFest when asked how the iPhone has changed the world, Ive said: "Like any tool, you can see there's wonderful use and then there's misuse."

In a "no we really did not make this quote up" he defined iPhone 'misuse' as "constant use."

During the interview, Ive said his his design inspiration for the original iPhone way back in 2007 was influenced by his hatred towards other badly designed phones in the market at the time.

"When we worked on the iPhone, certainly a significant part of our motivation was the loathing we had for the phones that we were using", he said.

We guess he means that all those Nokias and other phones that were out there were being used to communicate between people and he hated that sort of thing.

What he wanted was a shiny toy that would hardly ever get used apparently. It would just be taken out by Apple fanboys who would smugly show it to their friends.

To be fair he does have a point. The iPhone would be 100 percent reliable if no-one wanted to use it to make calls, take snaps or get on the net. Nor would its battery pop open the entire thing if no one tried to charge it. It would still have the Apple logo so Apple fanboys would still want it.

But if you are always on your phone you are better off with an Android, Apple's iPhone was not designed for that. Thanks Jonny, you answered so many of our Apple questions with that one.

Last modified on 10 October 2017
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