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Huawei’s chips match Zen 3

by on04 March 2024

HiSilicon V120 are four years behind

A Geekbench 6 result shows what could be the first look at the speed of the Taishan V120, made by Huawei's HiSilicon arm.

.According to spotter @Olrak29, the score shows that Taishan V120 cores are as fast as AMD's Zen 3 cores from late 2020, which could mean Huawei's tech is not far behind the best Western chip makers.

The Taishan V120 core was first seen in Huawei's Kirin 9000s phone chip, which uses four cores with two Arm Cortex A510 cores. The Kirin 9000s chips are made using SMIC's second-generation 7nm node (which could be banned from selling abroad by US politicians), so the Taishan V120 core tested in Geekbench 6 is also made on the same node.

The benchmark result says little about the CPU, with the only clue being the name 'Huawei Cloud OpenStack Nova.' This suggests a Kunpeng 916, 920, or 930 server chip. Given the high speed, it is probably the 930. The Kunpeng 920 is much slower than AMD's first EPYC Naples from 2017.


Last modified on 04 March 2024
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